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   Basic Features:

  • Static, dynamic, modal analysis, and heat transfer for linear systems;
  • Simple GUI with input model visualization;
  • Input file based on the data structures (nodes, elements, constraints, etc.);
  • Result visualization: mode shapes, deformations, response animations
  • Max tested model size: 307,686 DOFs for static and modal analysis.

main GUI

   Download v.2.1.2:


   Watch introduction video:    

Beam elements


3D solid


   This software is distributed under the BSD license approved by the OSI.
   This type of license addresses common questions regarding rights to modification,
   distribution, and commercial use.
plain stress/strain

   System Requirements:

Windows -- tested with XP, Vista, and 7;
Matlab (no extra toolboxes needed) -- tested with v.7.6 (R2008a);
Recommended: min 1 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU, 1280 x 800 display.
Mode shape

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