Finite Element Toolbox with Matlab®

for Solid Mechanics

Including source code and test examples

FEM toolbox
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   Basic Features:

  • Static, dynamic, modal analysis, and heat transfer for linear systems;
  • Simple GUI with input model visualization;
  • Input file based on the data structures (nodes, elements, constraints, etc.);
  • Result visualization: mode shapes, deformations, response animations
  • Max tested model size: 307,686 DOFs for static and modal analysis.

main GUI

   Download: (v.2.1.1)         Sample manual          Request full manual

  • Extract files from the archive preserving directory tree (C:\fem_toolbox\...);
  • Add all directories (C:\fem_toolbox\...) to the Matlab path (File -> Set path ->
       Add with Subfolders... -> Save -> Close);
  • In Matlab 'Command Window' type "fem" to launch the main GUI.

Beam elements

   Element Library:

FF_BEAMx, y, xy
FP_BEAMx, y, xy1
PF_BEAMx, y, xy2
truss2dx, y
D2_CSTx, y
D2_CSQx, y
D3_BEAMx, y, z, xy, xz, yz
D3_TRUSSx, y, z
D3_LBx, y, z
D3_TETRAHx, y, z
3D solid


   This software is distributed under the BSD license approved by the OSI.
   This type of license addresses common questions regarding rights to modification,
   distribution, and commercial use.
plain stress/strain

   System Requirements:

OS: Windows -- tested with XP, Vista, and 7;
Matlab (no extra toolboxes needed) -- tested with v.7.6 (R2008a);
Recommended: min 1 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU, 1280 x 800 display.
Mode shape

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