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Matlab FEM Toolbox for Solid Mechanics is primarily intended for intermediate-level users allowing them to explore the power of FEM. It works under Windows, it is capable of solving linear problems in solid mechanics, and it offers extensive visualization features. Input data are described in a file with intuitive structure, which is illustrated using several examples included in the \fem\input directory.

FEM Toolbox is a free and open-source software, which is distributed under the BSD 2-Clause License. The Toolbox was written by Anton Zaicenco.

main GUI

   Basic Features:

  • Static, dynamic, modal analysis, and heat transfer for linear systems;
  • Simple User Interface with input model visualization;
  • Input file based on the data structures (nodes, elements, constraints, etc.);
  • Result visualization: mode shapes, deformations, response animations
  • Max tested model size: 307,686 DOFs for static and modal analysis.

Beam elements

   Download v.2.1.2:



3D solid


FEM Toolbox can use its own function to solve the system of linear equations, where the coefficient matrix is symmetric positive definite and is stored in sparse format.

The solver is based on a templated C++ library for sparse matrices developed by the author, and can be compiled both under Linux and Windows.

Read more in Algorithms.

plain stress/strain
workflow Mode shape

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